REXPO 2016.

REXPO 2016. – 5th International trade fair for investment projects

REXPO 2016 took place on 24 and 25 November 2016 in Zagreb. REXPO gathers domestic and foreign investors and represents the best investment projects in the region. It is aimed at participants from the private sector – investors, engineers, consultants, agents, designers, financial institutions, hotel managers, etc. – public sector – representatives of ministries, towns, counties, educational institutions, and all other participants interested in the development of private and public investment projects. Besides presentations of different projects, companies and services, promotion of the potential investment opportunities in cities and countries in the region, REXPO's program includes expert discussions, panel debates and educational talks, business meetings and informal gatherings. Mr Jurgis Oniunas, Managing partner of IMAP Ascendant, and Mr Tarik Bilalbegović, Partner of IMAP Ascendant Project Finance participated in the panel debates. Mr Oniunas participated in a panel debate ''NEW DEVELOPMENT– Is it the time for a new cycle of greenfield investments?'' in which the panel discussed topics such as the current investment climate in Croatia and the region, and expectations regarding a potential new cycle of greenfield investments. Mr Bilalbegović participated in a panel debate titled ‘’The only way is up? DIRECTIONS OF HOSPITALITY INVESTMENTS IN THE ADRIATIC REGION’’ in which the panel discussed expectations regarding investments in the hospitality sector in the Adriatic region.

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